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Externally Funded Awards 

Dr. Max Krochmal
award from The Brown Foundation, Inc. received 4/30/2014
Dr. Patrick Flynn
Year 5 subaward from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse received 7/1/2014$290,533
Dr. Loren Spice
Year 3 funding by the Simons Foundation received 7/13/2014
Dr. Ken Richardson
Year 3 funding by the Simons Foundation received 7/13/2014
Dr. Linda Wolszon
Year 3 funding by the DHHS-Health Resources and Services Admin /SAMHSA received 7/24/2014
 Dr. Danielle Brimo
award by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHFoundation) received 7/29/2014
 Dr. Eric Simanek
Year 4 subaward from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center funded by the National Institutes of Health received 8/1/2014
 Steve Hodnett
Year 3 funding for the McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program by the U.S. Department of Education received 7/28/2014
 Dr. Dean Williams
contract awarded by the US Army Engineer Research & Development Center received

 TCU is committed to creating a campus environment that supports and promotes superior research, premier creative activities, and innovative scholarly pursuits.

Sponsored Programs Mission: To serve the TCU Community by providing information, personal assistance, services, and programs to those who seek financial support for scholarly endeavors.

 The Extramural Transmittal Form,
which historically had been used to garner internal proposal submission approvals, has been phased out. 
In its place, please utilize the electronic version which is referred to as
(direct link Purple Sheet for Faculty Profiles and Approval Routing)

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9/17/2014 Office of Sponsored Programs:
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6/17/2014 Kudos to Dr. Patrick Flynn, director of TCU’s Institute of Behavioral Research, for his appointment as chair of the Behavioral and Social Science Approaches to Preventing HIV/AIDS Study Section at the Center for Scientific Review, National Institutes of Health. 

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